Sunday, 13 June 2021

Richmond grandstand commission and Richmond walking books festival

At the start of the year I was commissioned by the Richmond Burgage Pastures Committee to illustrate Richmond grandstand. The grandstand was designed by the celebrated Yorkshire architect, John Carr, and is now in a very bad state of repair - virtually derelict. 

For my illustration I referred to old photographs and a previous 18th century watercolour depiction of the grandstand.

My illustration will be used for a new publication about the history of the grandstand and racecourse by Professor Mike Huggins. The book will be published shortly. My illustration will also be available for purchase as a Giclee print. More details to follow on both.

There are plans to raise funds to begin to renovate the building as is; to repurpose it for a new use.

 Richmond grandstand, North Yorkshire.

Richmond grandstand c 1891

Richmond grandstand c 1946

Current aerial view of the grandstand and the Zetland stand.

At the same time I was also asked to create an illustration for a fundraising leaflet for the Richmond Walking Books festival in September. Here are three 'walking books' endeavouring to climb that hill and reach their fundraising target!

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